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Can a dogs teeth be cleaned without being put to sleep?

My dogs teeth need to be cleaned, I brush them but they need a good cleaning. The thing is I'm worried about putting him to sleep to get them clean. I heard that this is very dangerous. Hes only 4 and healthy, but its still scary. Is there another way it can be done or is putting them to sleep for this really that dangerous? Thanks

Can a dogs teeth be cleaned without being put to sleep?
I have my dogs teeth cleaned once a year by the vet under general anesthesia, and I brush them at home on a regular basis as well. So far my dogs have had no bad reactions to anesthesia and no complications/infections as a result of the cleaning. Good oral health is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. If your dog has nasty infected teeth, this infection could travel through the bloodstream and make them very sick. Not to mention, the dog could lose his teeth. There's nothing sadder than seeing a dog who can't keep his tongue in his mouth because he had to have his teeth pulled due to infection.

If your dog is young and healthy he should have no problems with anesthesia. Some vets like to do blood work before sedating the animal to see if there's any underlying problems that have not been discovered upon physical exam. Having this done may make you feel better, however it can be quite expensive, and in my experience is pretty unnecessary for a younger healthy dog.
Reply:How much do vets charge to put a dog to sleep for teeth cleaning? Report It

Reply:it's dangerous. my mom lost a yorkie back in the 80's from getting her teeth cleaned. she got an infection from the vet's malpractice, and it went to her heart and killed her. my mom regretted getting her teeth cleaned, but it was too late. i don't know if they sedated the dog first, or what, but something went wrong. :(
Reply:well im would know much about this but... from what i have been told by my mom and family members... you can get plenty of information from you vetraniarian, or even froma public library!

i garenty that should help!
Reply:WARNING! Ignore links from man. ******.com contains a virus. A vet may be able to clean your dogs teeth without anesthesia depending on how bad they are and how cooperative your dog is. My friends dog recently got its teeth cleaned by a vet without anesthesia.
Reply:If your dogs teeth are in such a bad condition to be cleaned by a vet, then yes you may need to put your dog to sleep.

However, alternatively your dogs teeth can be cleaned on a regular basis with special dogs toothpaste and toothbrush which you can purchase from your local vet.

You can also clean your dogs teeth by giving him marrowbones.
Reply:it can be done if your pet will keep still for the procedure. otherwise it risks injury
Reply:of course there are other ways to clean your dogs teeth. you can always try brushing them yourself. and if he wont let you theres always the option of taking him to a groomers.

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